Download BBHTool

- Removed broken links
- Updated download link
- VIP version is now available to all

- Added Batch OTA downloading to OTA Downloader
- Added ability to load a batch OTA download list from file
- Added ability to choose what device/OS to show when downloading OTAs
- Added ability to install .apk files to a connected Android device in the PlayBook tab
- Added option to Convert .apk(s) on drag/drop in PlayBook tab (otherwise they're added to list for install to an Android device)
- Fixed LiveShrink
- Fixed issue with OTA creation when adding files via the button
- Fixed Move COD Files to Save To folder in Create-A-JAD
- Fixed Convert to .alx when complete in OTA Downloader
- Improved OTA downloading code
- Organized Shrunk files list to seperate .alx files and .cod files
- Updated Shrink for Verizon Name ID
- Updated PlayBook APK conversion and BAR signing tools
- Updated JavaLoader.exe to latest from BlackBerry JDE 7.1.0
- Updated Help info

- Added ability to sign BAR files in the APK Converter within PlayBook Tab
- Added Shrinking for BlackBerry Travel and Finnish language
- Added password request for "Install to connected device" option in Create-A-JAD for passworded devices
- Added ability to save shrunk files list (for help with shrink errors)
- Fixed DPI Awareness
- Removed Install A Hybrid tab, any future implementation (if any) will be in Build-A-Hybrid tab

- Added Install after completion to APK Converter (previously disabled)
- Added Install to connected device option to Create-A-JAD
- Added @BerryReview and @OpenSourceBB as Show Tweets options
- Added Delete Vendor.xml button to Start tab
- Added BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing shrink item
- Disabled shrinking of Latin font for OS7/7.1 as it was causing reboots (won't shrink even when checked)
- Fixed Screenshots for newer devices as well as uploading and tweeting screenshots
- Fixes to PlayBook tab and improved error handling
- Minor skin fixes
- New icon - thanks to @_Lucky45
- Optimized Screenshot uploading so BBHTool doesn't freeze while doing so
- Optimized and updated Vendor.xml removal
- Updated Android SDK link
- Updated shrink for Croatian (Languages) and T-Mobile Name ID